I help overwhelmed educators cut their workload in half, and reignite their passion for teaching, so they can feel fulfilled again, and know they are making a real difference to their students' well-being and achievement!

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Are you ready to stop living life at the end of your rope, and start living the life of your dreams?


Tune in to learn how to become the boss of your brain, master of your mind, and tap into your truest potential!

Teaching Little Brains

Looking for staff-wide support?  I work with teaching teams, and/or whole schools to help support mental wellness and passion-led learning with my brain-based, science-backed method!

Teachers affect eternity; they can never tell where their influence stops.

- Henry Adams

Hi, I'm Sarah!

As a certified Master NeuroCoach TM, certified RRT tapping coach, and educator with over 20 years experience, I have the source-based, science-backed solution to help you move from overwhelmed, overworked, frustrated and unfulfilled to confident, calm, and in control of your life!

I understand the unique struggles and needs you face as an educator. Whether you are looking for solutions for yourself, or your students… or both, I’ve got you!

My unique coaching program leverages your brain’s natural behaviour to get you source-based, permanent transformation!

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